Power distribution

NAFSA designs and manufactures electromagnets for the power generation and distribution sector.

We develop customised electromagnetic components for process automation at different types of facilities and electrical power generation and distribution plants.

Products for the sector

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Electromagnet applications for power distribution

Electromagnets are widely used for automation of power generation facilities, such as:

Electromagnets for transformers

Transformers are devices that consist of two insulated coils. They run on alternating current, with the electric power changing from one voltage to another via electromagnetism..

These mechanisms create a variable magnetic field that induces an electric current. This phenomenon has numerous applications, the main one being power distribution.

Nafsa develops electromagnets for transformers, adapting to the project’s technical requirements to offer a totally customised end product.

Electromagnets for generators

We develop custom-made electromagnets for electric generators, to adapt to each customer’s technical requirements. Contact us for more information on our custom development.

How do electromagnets work in generators?

Electric generators use a magnetic field to generate electron movement, which produces electrical power. Using electromagnets to generate these magnetic fields enables: